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Lessons at all levels, beginners to experienced for children and adults who require tuition to improve their flatwork for jumping, eventing or pure dressage on the Woodlands schoolmaster horses/ponies or riders own horse/pony.

Small group, semi private or private tuition available.

Pupils for exam preparation. Livery for schooling, competition or sales preparation.  Young stock and professionally trained horses and ponies for sale.




1 hour: €50 / ½ hour: €30



2 riders

1 hour: €30 / ½ hour: €20



3/4 adult riders, 1 hour: €25

3/5 children: €20


Parent & Child

*Shared: €50



*Private: €60

*Group rate: €30 per rider


Lunge lesson

*Private: ½ hour: €30


BHS exam training

*with BHS Professional Accredited Coach

Private: 1 hour riding/lunge/teach €50

1 hour stable management: €25


Use of Woodlands Facilities:

*1 hour session: €20



*€140 per week



Due to the demand for evening and Saturday lessons and the fact that late cancellations cause disruption, unless booking is cancelled 48 hours before lesson, riders will be charged the lesson price in full and lose possibly space on usual lesson unless re-booked.



Group lessons for children are ½ hour or hour at all levels with a max of 5 riders in lesson.

Group adult lessons have a max of 4 riders in lesson.

Shared lessons are hour and half hour sessions with only 2/3 riders in lessons for either adults or children.

Private lessons normally 1 hour or a ½ hour with 1 rider for beginner or experienced adults and children.

Lesson time begins with mounting and ends with dismounting.

In the interest of safety and learning a correct procedure is followed for both of the above, which obviously takes longer for beginners than experienced riders.

If possible beginner children are taken on Saturday when experienced leaders are available.

Or during the week for private ½ hour lessons, (same price as an hour group lesson) until riders have reached a level to join group lessons were they can ride on their own.

Leaders and helpers are only available on Saturdays.

All riders or parents of riders must sign registration form

Further details: PM or 087 6793696